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 Gearbox modifications


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Pielachtaler Minifreunde




   12/2009: Next evolution step regarding oil pressure fed idler gear shims:

   This time with fixed idler shims; oil is pressure fed through the first shim and the idler to the other side.

   The shims are made of a hard AlNi bronze. On my old setup the gearbox sided shim was rotating and made

   of a softer bronze type - therefore a replacement after 2 seasons was needed. I hope to improve the

   service life with this mod now.



  12/2009: Gearbox Cover:
   I made a new gearbox cover to keep the oil off the crank which is normally thrown up by the running gears...


  2005: Oil pressure supported idler

   For my street car I made an oil pressure support for my helical transfer gears to keep the car (noise)

   road legal. Also the bearing were filled up with needles to increase the load capability. Worn gearbox

   casings at the idler are a thing of the past since thenů





  2005: KAD pinion support

   For the KAD pinion support a new hardened inner bearing race had to be made, because it was

   constructed obviously for their 5 speed box which has a 17mm shaft machined on the pinion end,

   my original main shaft measured 16.65mm on that position...



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